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The All Arabians Horse Association of BC (AAHABC) is a registered non-profit Association. We are committed to the progressive promotion of programs and activities for Arabian and Half Arabian Horse owners and enthusiasts. For over fifty years we have been dedicated to providing great opportunities for the development of all youth and amateur competitors and their horses. 

AAHABC is a dynamic club. We hold 2 approved horse shows per year and competitors from Canada and the North Western United States attend. Our members voluntarily work hard to ensure that these events are a success. Our board of directors meets on a monthly basis to organize competitions and work on our various initiatives including our Awards Program. We believe the competitions, activities and programs we provide are a major contributor to the future of the Arabian Breed industry and helping to build a stronger sense of community.

In order for these competitions to thrive and continue, we require support and partnership from local businesses and individuals. Your sponsorship will enhance our program and show value as it provides opportunities for competition and programs including award incentives, prizes for youth, amateur and open participants to enter competition.

Written recognition of our sponsors will be found in the show program as well as an announcement from Center Ring as the class enters the arena.  We also post the names of our sponsors in the main arena as a way of saying ‘Thank you’.  We couldn’t do it without you!  Thank you for supporting the equestrians in your community and we hope to see you at the next show!


2023 Dates of Competitions.  All taking place at TBird in Langley, BC

AAHABC Classic Show

May 4-7, 2023

AAHABC Fall Frolic Show

Sept 1-3, 2023


If you would like to become a sponsor please contact Kaila Celsie at 604-369-8941 or


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